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Imagine we had a leader

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In the last 48 hours  hundreds of thousands of Greeks took the streets of Athens to protest against a ‘bailout’ program that has pushed the limits of the society to such lengths that threatens the social cohesion of the country.

Sadly, social cohesion took another heavy blow yesterday, having witnessed violent clashes between anarchists and labour unions groups that were guarding their protest, clashes the led to the death of a 53 years old constructions worker from heart attack. Reports from doctors and witnesses suggest that tension from the riots and a tear gas bomb that went off next to him could have contributed to his passing.

This is the fourth victim in Greece since the program was introduced, after the deaths of 3 bank employees that suffocated in the burning building of the bank they were working in, one of them a young pregnant woman.

In the first twelve months of the austerity program the Greek people have shown remarkable  maturity in the biggest crisis in the country’s modern history, stoic patience and willingness to cooperate despite the tough measures that were introduced from the first day of the program.

They were told that this is the right medicine, it will hurt at first but after 18 months the economy will recover, the country will be able to pile up more debt from “the markets”, Greece will become a better place.

But like everyone that understands the basic principles of economics, or was familiar with previous IMF programs, had predicted the medicine did not work. Contrary to what the people were made to believe the reality is deep recession, hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, repeated taxation to meet the program’s targets, scenarios of return to the drachma, drama every two months that a troika mission comes to Greece to assess the progress, uncertainty, national humiliation in certain european and global media, hurt pride, effective lose of sovereignty. It is the Great Greek Depression.

Imagine we had a true leader. Someone that would choose not to confront but get inspired by his people and take the powerful message of the last two days and make it his main negotiating argument with our European ‘partners’.

Someone with the courage to say that this medicine not only does it not work but is proven that it is poisoning the patient.

Someone that would stand up against Germany’s aspirations of yet another domination over the people of Europe.

A true leader that would always have at the top of his agenda at home and abroad the interests of his country and the people.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human rights the “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government” and in Greece this basic principle of democratic governance is fading away in clouds of tear gas and dust from social conflict.


Written by Yiannis Mouzakis

October 21, 2011 at 10:29 am

Posted in Politico

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